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What will propel you to the top of your profession yet 42% of adults fear it more than death?

Here is some information that may surprise you…

It’s been proved that the number one attribute that will lead you to the top of any profession, according to research by the Harvard Business School, is the ability to speak passionately, persuasively and professionally, especially in public.

Without doubt those rare individuals who can communicate with impact and win others over to their ideas, and way of thinking, are the ones who will enjoy the best careers, rewards and relationships.

If you stop and think about it, who couldn’t benefit from improving their skills at positively influencing clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, family and friends?

“I’d rather die than speak in public!”

Yet, ironically, being asked to speak in public, based on our own independent research, is the number one thing people fear the most (even beating the fear of dying into third place). This means most people, probably including you, would rather die than speak in public. Of course it is embarrassing for all concerned, when someone manages to do both at the same time!

Professional speakers unlock the secrets of presentation mastery

So how do you avoid dying on your feet in front of an audience of one or one thousand? And if you are already pretty good, how do you become outstanding? The answer is to take time out to invest in your most important asset – yourself – and get some training. The Confident Club provides just that. International business speakers at the top of their profession will unlock their secrets and teach them directly to you.

“The most powerful presentation coaching in the world”

Whether in Britain, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels or Boston (does the Confident Club only work in places beginning with B?) what we deliver has been described by our very satisfied customers as “The most powerful presentation coaching in the world” and “The best training we’ve ever had”.

Working with everyone from CEO’s and senior managers through to sports people and TV presenters the Confident Club’s clients include: Harrods, Sony, Vistaprint, Pets at Home, Republic, Arco, ITV and Coca-Cola.

“The best training we’ve ever had”

Led by founder Steve McDermott and head coach Curly Uppington, the Confident Club go way, way beyond where other training companies stop, by starting with your beliefs and attitudes: changing the way you think and behave. You see it’s no good learning, even the best techniques, if you don’t deep down believe you are any good at presenting. That’s just one of the things that make us different. Most importantly once you’re a member of the Confident Club we are here to offer help and advice with your speaking and future presentations for the rest of your business life.

Three good reasons to invest in your future:
  1. Imagine having more confidence and presentation skills for life to help you reach the top of your career or profession
  2. Positively influence your clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, family and friends
  3. Communicate with impact, win over and engage with your audience – speak passionately, persuasively and professionally


Meet the Founders


Motivational speaker, confidence coach, inspirational humorist & northern soul boy meet Steve McDermott.

Steve is recognised as one of Europe’s funniest, most insightful, motivational speakers and facilitators. Steve is also a broadcaster, businessman and author. His book “How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything” is an international best seller. So is the live recording of the book which has been as high as number one in the comedy chart on Amazon.

“Like a tornado through a caravan park” and “Savagely funny”

Steve has won the prestigious European Motivational Speaker of the year award three times. That’s because his presentations make people laugh as well as think.

“Half business guru. Half stand up comedian” – Asda


It’s this unique style, half business guru; half stand up comedian, which has made him one of the most sought after speakers in Europe. In 18 years as a professional speaker, from Blackpool to Berlin, Steve hasn’t just talked to thousands of people but also encouraged them to take positive action.

Or as the Director General for the council of mortgage lenders puts it, “Steve captivated the audience for two and a half hours.”

Anne Leaver, Director of Human Resources, Crieff Hydro comments, “If you enjoy having fun then you’ll love Steve’s approach. This down to earth Yorkshire man is an inspiration to his audience. His simple straightforward ideas work. I know because I’ve tried them.”

“One mouth, four eyes, don’t use them in that order.”

As well as being a Confident Club coach and trainer, Steve is also a motivational speaker, facilitator/MC or conference host and specialises in helping individuals and organisations develop new ways of thinking in order to realise their dreams. And as an expert in communication he shows clients how to convey their messages in more impactful and effective ways.

Steve McDermott’s speaking topics include:

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Success
  • Personal Development
  • Humour
  • Sales
  • Presentation Skills

When Steve’s not speaking or coaching on our Presentation Mastery Workshop you’ll find him (and probably his son Finlay) northern soul dancing at romantic places like Stoke, Pudsey and Blackpool.


For more information, Steve’s speaking videos, McThoughts and blogs please visit: www.stevemcdermott.com

Follow Steve on Twitter @stevemcthinking

Facebook @SteveMcdermott

And/or on LinkedIn @SteveMcdermott


Former chartered accountant, sailor, confident coach with tousled hair meet Curly Uppington.


For many years Curly was a senior partner in a firm of chartered accountants where she gained very valuable business insight but realised she much preferred working with people rather than numbers. So she decided to follow her passion rather than her pension and left. Curly re-trained as a coach and now spends her time helping others develop their confidence. Curly has loads of experience of both one-to-one coaching and working with groups large and small and is also a master practitioner of NLP.


On the Presentation Mastery Workshop you will usually find Curly at the back of the room multi-tasking whilst Steve is busy showing off at the front.


“What Curly does isn’t magic but she does produce magical results” – Alan Beardmore

“It’s empowering and heartening to know that with the help of Curly’s coaching I can control my thoughts and actions to get me to where I really and truly want to be.” – Hazel Crawford


Curly now has loads more time for her other passions including sailing and walking her two dysfunctional dogs, Tara and Loobie.


For more information on the Confident Club or Curly’s coaching,

Please call +44 (0)113 3372037, +44 (0) 07780 977438

Email curly@confidentclub.com

LinkedIn @CurlyUppington

And/or follow on Twitter @confidentclub

Meet our new CEO

(Confidence Encouragement Officer)


Award-winning Magician, speaker, confidence coach, host of the UNLOCKED podcast and a genuinely nice chap!

Ricky Locke is a speaker, award-winning magician of The Magic Circle, and host of the Unlocked podcast. With an extensive background in Retail leadership, colleague development & training, over the last 15 years, he's been on the front line in one of the UK's biggest retailers; performing, serving, studying and putting to practice a simple formula on how to UNLOCK the best version of himself, his team and his customers to achieve extraordinary results! Through his own experience and amazing adventures, he now wants to help inspire others to UNLOCK their full potential and live an extraordinary life!

“Ricky is a master at fostering positivity, regaling relatable
anecdotes and sharing credible ways to improve your
mindset and change your life.”

During Ricky’s experienced background as a National trainer for Argos, and running his own Wedding Magic business, he developed a keen passion and burning desire to help individuals be the best version of themselves and create extraordinary results. Whilst delivering workshops. on values, team building, team culture & customer experience, Ricky decided that he wanted to help not just corporate teams, but also help more people all over the world by creating a podcast to connect to individuals looking to UNLOCK the secrets to a wonderful life. In Unlocked, Ricky talks to professional speakers, Ted talkers and experts from around the world to understand, what does it take to be a success? In this podcast, he shares his adventures (and mis-adventures) of positivity, resilience, and key learnings to inspire listeners to be the best version of themselves.

Guests featured: Paul McGee, Steve Judge, Madeline Black, Mel Loizou, Vikrant Sharuya &
Julie Kent MBE.

"I had the opportunity to listen to Ricky at the Professional Speakers Association. If you are looking for someone to capture your audience,
entertain everyone in the room, and at the same time share so much information, then Ricky is the person. He has the power to capture
you right from the beginning and when he has finished, you will be left with such wonderful memories. I recommend Ricky if you are
looking for someone to add value to your event.”

As well as being a Confident Club coach and trainer, Ricky is also a motivational speaker and specialises in helping individuals and organisations to UNLOCK the best version of themselves, their teams and their business & achieve extraordinary results.

Ricky’s speaking topics include:

● Personal Development
● UNLOCK the best version of you
● How to create a magical customer experience
● Presentation Skills

When Ricky isn’t speaking, coaching or performing magic he takes part in some pretty funky activities such as; A connoisseur of Netflix, travelling, playing music, skateboarding (he assures us it’s not a mid-life crisis we promise!) and spending time with his family and lovely new Daughter, (All whilst trying to fathom out the secret of being a Dad!)

Get in touch at ricky@confidentclub.com

Follow Ricky on Instragram & Twitter @rickylockemagic

Facebook @rickylocke

And listen to Ricky at the UNLOCKED podcast at https://unlocked.captivate.fm