How does it work?

Why is this training different from all the other Presentation Skills training out there?

The main difference is in our approach. Most trainings just teach skills. However unless a person believes that they have the capability to do this thing called presenting then just teaching skills is a waste of time

Beliefs must always come before and support skills

We concentrate on developing your level of self – belief and confidence. We encourage you to adopt a new set of beliefs about the task of standing before an audience.

We could actually call this workshop “The Presentation Beliefs Workshop”

Why does it have to be for 2 days (I’m a busy person)?

Having tried and tested the process of this workshop over many years we are convinced that for it to have a true and long lasting effect it needs to be over 2 days. This is because we are working at the fundamental level of beliefs and a vast majority of people have a massive breakthrough on day 2. So that extra day is well worth it.

I’m already pretty good at presenting. I enjoy it and I am confident so why should I come along?

This workshop is about getting to the next level whatever that might be for you. It’s great to be confident but a having little bit more is always a good thing

We use world class techniques that we have learned and discovered after many years of studying the subject of presenting/communication

You will learn the secrets of professional speakers, elite sports people, charismatic people and even stand-up comedians

This workshop is constantly evolving as we continue to study so it’s a fantastic place to discover new things and to add to your skills and mind-set.

It will also boost your career.

What will I learn?

The answer to that is…..it depends

We tailor the workshop to meet your personal specific outcomes so it really depends upon what those are

Below is a list of possible content:

  • How to become more confident, convincing and inspirational through personal involvement in your material with the emphasis on becoming a master teller of your own stories
  • The secrets of world class professional speakers
  • How to build your personal “brand” and be the speaker everyone remembers for all the right reasons
  • How to structure a compelling, persuasive, passionate and consistent presentation
  • How to tune to WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) and explain WHY things need to happen to gain buy-in and support
  • How to build rapport, gain compliance and agreement from the audience at an unconscious level
  • Identify the content and delivery tools that either enhance or detract from a presentation and therefore develop your natural strengths to maximum effect
  • How to harness and use the power of non-verbal communication
  • How to convince people on both an intellectual and emotional level
  • How to communicate naturally and “be yourself” regardless of the size of the audience
  • How to communicate complex issues with clarity
  • How to overcome any fear and nervousness of speaking in public you may have and demonstrate massive self confidence
  • To be able to present without notes and slides
  • Develop your flexibility and be able to think on your feet
  • Being able to adapt to, read and react to, the audience
  • How to handle difficult questions
  • The techniques of using visual, hearing and feeling aids
  • Develop team work through a shared experience where positive support and encouragement for each other will be crucial
  • Use of a flexible, challenging and supportive coaching model to develop each individual in the way that works best for them

Is there any prework and if so how long does it take?

We send out a brief about 3 weeks in advance of the workshop and ask you to prepare 3 very short presentations in advance

The preparation should take about 2 to 3 hours (depending upon how you like to prepare)

We ideally just want you to think about it and run through it a couple of times

What is the format and how do you deliver it?

Presentation Mastery is run over two full days from 9.00am to approximately 5.30pm

The workshop is run by Steve Mc Dermott, three to times winner of the European Motivational speaker of the Year award, ably supported by our Head Coach, Curly Uppington

We limit the number of people to 8 to allow plenty of time for coaching

There is also an assignment to complete on the evening of day one so you will need to keep some time back for that

We will send you a brief approximately three weeks beforehand which will include joining instructions and details of 3 short pieces of prework you need to prepare in advance

At the same time we send you a short needs analysis form which we ask you to complete and return to us in advance

During the workshop we capture all your presentations onto a memory stick for you to keep and take away (a great resource for reinforcing your confidence)

How much coaching is involved and how do you deliver it?

Whether you attend an open or a company in house workshop we limit the maximum number of people to 8 and whatever happens in the room stays in the room

This means that we can guarantee that you achieve your outcomes as you get intensive and flexible input from our world class coaches

We give feedback on every presentation you do plus we also work in groups of two within the workshop (changing every time).

So not only do you get feedback from your fellow delegates, you also get the opportunity to develop your own coaching skills (a great way to learn)

Who else will be there?

A wide range of people come on our workshops for many different reasons

That might include a Chief Executive who has to “rally the troops” but doesn’t want to join an in-house workshop with their team, a newly promoted person who feels that they are lacking in confidence as the “newbie” or that other people know more than them as they are more senior

Maybe someone who has a particular big challenge where they are speaking at an international conference for the first time or someone who has been doing it for years but feels jaded or has lost their mojo

We have had all those scenarios on just one workshop

What should I wear?

We usually say wear what you would normally wear for a high impact presentation

However we do want you to be comfortable to wear what you like

What happens after the workshop?

You become a member of The Confident Club for life

One of our values is commitment and so we want to ensure that the learnings from this workshop last in the long term

That means that after the workshop you will have ongoing access to a coach for life, for advice and support, whenever it is needed