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The presentation mastery workshop was actually a life changing experience for me.

The presentation mastery workshop was actually a life changing experience for me. I’ve had a variety of realizations since then, which have helped me not only on July 29th, but in my day-to-day interactions. I really appreciated how Steve pulled in some NLP frameworks in a very simplified way. Some of these have I’d heard before from a coach I’d been working with, but they had not necessarily stuck. His explanations of anchoring or the belief system resonated strongly with me and were very powerful. I also appreciated Steve really pushing all of us out of our comfort zone. It made me realize that I need to do a lot more of that for my continued personal & professional development. One specific action I am taking in the coming weeks is that I’ll participate in a standup comedy workshop in Barcelona. I have no desire to be a comedian, but I know that this is something that will be very uncomfortable for me (and hopefully fun, too).

July 29th went exceptionally well. I partnered with my colleague Tristan on presenting and we played very well off another. We included several personal stories in the presentation and really made it come to live. What was important to me is that I really connect with the group of 200+ people on a more emotional level. I am happy to say that I succeeded. In my career I’ve never had this many people come up to me and congratulate me on a presentation. They truly were inspired and motivated not only by what was said, but how it was delivered!

Here’s an example of an email I received unsolicited a couple weeks after the presentation:

“I have not had time to get around to it sooner, but I wanted to tell you that I thought you did a very nice job in the company meeting last week. In particular when you got talking about your uncle as well as the reason why you are still with Vistaprint was very strong. You started finding your authentic voice and spoke to our hearts, not our heads. Very nice job indeed.”

I really appreciate what I’ve learned through this workshop and am amazed what a huge impact these two days have had already. It not only changed how I am presenting or interacting, but it also changed how I view my continued development, making deliberate space for taking more risk and pushing myself more out of my comfort zone.

So thank you for that and a big thanks to Steve!

Best from Barcelona,


Was VP Sales and Marketing Europe Vistaprint

Now Chief Marketing Officer MyOptique