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I went from being okay to being voted best speaker.

As a strategist my job isn't just ideas, it's communicating them. I was a fairly comfortable public speaker, but I was finding it really hard to break the barrier through to being really good. I had hoped that the workshop would give me some tips to improve my current style and help me perform better. 

I couldn't have been more wrong. The workshop was totally revolutionary. It helped me to see that there were loads of areas where I could improve and helped me to tackle them easily. The difference between my first and final presentations was phenomenal.

After this I was a speaker at three masterclass events in Manchester.  I was voted best speaker (twice) and got positive feedback from 80% of the audience at every event. Since then I've found it much easier to present in a way that always succeeds.

As a strategist, this is probably the best workshop I've been on.