Member Profile: Neil Hewitt, ARCO

With your help I delivered my piece ...I was absolutely buzzing when I came off

Just wanted to let you know how our national sales conference went yesterday just 2 weeks after our confident club training.

Well the day started with 450-500 delegates from our sales team arriving at the Magna centre Rotherham and I was trying to stay calm.

I had taken the mantra that I had “earned the right” and new what I had to say hopefully would hit home.

In the morning the sales executives did there thing (very well) with some great humour I have to say, Lunch came and went (no I was not sick) and then we were on.

Just before my piece I could feel myself shacking, the flight or fight kicking in and the monkey running round in my head. But as I stood at the side of the stage waiting to go on I just went calm thinking about what you both have given me. I put the monkey in my head back in its cage and walked on.

A technical person for more years than I like to consider in front of all those extravert sales people, including the Operational Board Directors, Managing Directors, Chairman and Non-Executive Directors.

With your help I delivered my piece word perfect (not really but they don’t know) I was absolutely buzzing when I came off and the feedback I received after really made my day.

I stepped out of my comfort zone with your help and I enjoyed it, my zone is now just a little bit bigger today than yesterday.

I just wanted to express my appreciation and thanks, you have helped me realise what is possible and what I can do with the right tool kit. It was all filmed so if you want a giggle I will send you a copy.

Thank you