Finding your Confidence

Finding your Confidence

Confidence need not be such a mystery and decades of experience of working with both successful, apparently successful and terrified people from all walks of life has taught us that it is within the grasp of everyone.

We say “apparently successful” because our approach is based on a two stage model of confidence: confidence of the inner self and confidence in dealing with those around you.

Many people have one but not the other. Most people will know someone who executes a high powered day-to –day role with supreme ease and control while inwardly they are filled with insecurities and fears. Others are quietly assured of their abilities but turn to jelly when asked to stand up and speak in public or project themselves in front of a group. The good news is that here at The Confident Club we can help you with both.

Confident Club training is designed for people who want to reach the top of their professions, delivered by people at the top of theirs.

We only work with and for people we like and could share a beer with – life is too short for any other approach. Here are our values so you know what working with us will be like:


Our aim is to ensure that everyone walks away from an interaction with the confident Club having learnt something new. So we take the same approach to our own development. We are constantly searching out the very best ideas, techniques and strategies that can make a difference to your next presentations. Whether that means modelling the latest big name stand-up comedian to how to use Twitter in your presentations or by incorporating some rather unconventional but effective exercises into our workshops.


Look we are from the north of England so we’re not big on fancy theories and lots of talk and chalk. We believe people learn by doing. So preparation and rehearsal are all vital to our approach. We ensure you hit the ground running by briefing and coaching you in advance of the workshop. All our coaching involves a high level of practical content that gets you doing the work and ensures that best practice becomes your practice.


We also believe that you achieve better results when you’re enjoying yourself. So we aim to work with like-minded people and generate loads of positive energy and laughter in a safe environment where you can be wildly experimental (I know some of you will find it difficult to think you could have the best time ever doing something you are scared of but honestly, ask any of our previous delegates, you will!).


Another prerequisite for learning is honesty. Whether in workshops or on a one-to-one basis, Confident Club coaching is characterised by a candid, constructive and respectful approach to feedback and continuous improvement.


Our approach at The Confident Club is that we are in it for the long term. Once a member of The Confident Club; always a member. And it’s not just a number. Immediately you’ve completed one of our workshops your enroled for the rest of your business life. Your membership guarantees you access to a Confident Club coach whenever you need it – whether for a quick refresher ahead of an important presentation or more in-depth advice a on how to approach a difficult presentation or issue.

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