Together Stronger

Together Stronger.

(Why didn’t they say Stronger Together?)

What a great “phrase that pays” which if you think about it is also a great phrase that pays

I must admit that I am not a great fan of football, preferring rugby and cricket. However, I have followed the progress of the Welsh team with great interest.

I am really curious about what is their secret to success?

Why did they continue to do so well in the tournament when England limped home in disgrace?

So just a few quotes that I think sum it up:

Gareth Bale: “The Dragon is enough motivation for me. The team spirit is not just about bonhomie it’s about shared purpose.”

Neil Taylor: “We have the belief we can beat anybody. We’re not just saying these things. We’ve played like this for 2 years now, we know our jobs. We’re well drilled. It’s almost army like.”

So this is not an overnight sensation. They have planned together, worked together and share a strong common purpose together. (Good power of 3 Curly) It’s not just words. They truly believe in Together Stronger.

About a year ago Steve Mc D and I went to see Stuart Lee in London. He is in our opinion a true master of comedy (although not to everyone’s taste)

We went to have a great laugh and to study a genius. He did a very long and very funny sketch about Rod Liddle who is a columnist in the Sunday times. He is very opinionated and right wing of Attila the Hun. He is acerbic and sometimes very funny. This is what Rod Liddle had to say about the Welsh team:

“In the game against Belgium, in contrast to the England players, the players who scored Wales’s crucial goals were lower division journeymen, one of them released by a mediocre second tier side and without a club to play for. That’s Hal Robson-Kanu, who is about as Welsh as Kim Jong-un. Yet he scored the goal of the tournament so far with exquisite brilliance – perhaps because his acquired Welshness mattered and the game mattered and the result mattered and his team mates mattered. That’s the difference”

What do you think?

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