Yorkshire Born & Bred wi’ nowt teken out

Translation “Born and brought up in Yorkshire (the largest county in the UK for our overseas friends) with nothing taken out”

Or as Oscar Wilde put it “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

I love Oscar’s “look”. He most definitely liked to be himself.

I was born in Yorkshire .God’s own county as we Yorkshire folk modestly like to call it and I am very proud to call myself a Yorkshire woman.

Some of you may know that Yorkshire folk have a reputation for being blunt (I prefer honest and to the point).

Another great “Yorkshire saying” in fact quoted recently by Sir Patrick Stewart, born and bred in Mirfield: “You can always tell a Yorkshire man….. but you can’t tell him much”

My friend Sylvia gave me this coaster (along with a few other fun gifts) for my birthday last year and I keep it on the desk in my office to put my mug of Yorkshire tea on.

I was looking at it the other day and got to thinking

Have you ever watched a presentation where you knew the presenter really well and when they got on their feet to present they turned into Mr/Ms “presenter man/woman”?

We see a lot of that on our Presentation Mastery workshop. The scariest so far, for those of you old enough to remember, was a woman who turned into Maggie Thatcher when she stood up to present.


We talk a lot on our workshop about the belief that when you present you don’t have to be perfect: You just need to be a person and not a presenter. In fact people don’t like perfect (and it’s impossible anyway).

I remember the massive look of relief on Matt’s face when we talked about this on one of our workshops. He looked as if the weight of the world had been taken off his shoulders.

He had worked at Marks & Spencer and his ex-boss had drilled it into him that he must learn everything by heart like a script. To be word perfect.

Which unless are an actor, like Patrick Stewart, is either impossible and/or makes you come across as stilted and unnatural.

And here were we telling Matt that it’s OK to be you.

It’s OK to make mistakes

You are a person, and not a presenter

So be yourself and be proud

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