Confidence Trick – Get a confident chum

My son Tom has a best mate called Andy. Andy rang Tom late one night last week saying he’s just had an enormous argument with his Mum. Things had quickly escalated to the point where Andy has said something untoward and as a result he’d been sent to his room (which is where he was ringing from.) Andy told Tom that he felt really angry and upset but didn’t know what to do. Tom immediately said that really it was no big deal and why didn’t Andy do what Tom had done when faced with the same situation and simply go and apologise. It had been hard to do at first (Because like a lot of teenagers Tom felt he was in the right) but he found that saying sorry to his Mum cleared the air. The conversation gave Andy that little bit of confidence he needed to take action. He took Tom’s advice, apologised to his mum, and rang Tom back a few minutes later to say it had led on to him having a brilliant conversation about loads of things and he now felt really good about it.

So next time you are a little unsure or lacking a bit of confidence why not speak to someone you trust about what they might do in your situation and what worked for them.

The good news is if you are a member of The Confident Club (you get free membership once you’ve completed one of our workshops) you can speak to us any time. It might be an idea on how to open your next presentation or a simple technique to further boost your confidence.

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